Hey, im pretty new to recording but i have several good programs and a very nice computer, i have sony sound forge, ableton live 7, and a veriety of recorders. but i have a usb mic, and a guitar audio imput. i was just wondering how could i record both devices at the same time.
I guess there are maybe a few ways of looking at this. Obviously, it would be an advantage if the software could recognize 2 interfaces at the same time, but for the moment I'm assuming your software cannot (never worked with your programs before).

My first thought is that maybe you can have both programs open and configure each to record from a different source.

Another thought is about your recorders. What do you mean by that? Like a Portastudio or something? If it has a hard-drive or room for a flash card, you can record line in (or mic in) to that, whilst recording the USB mic on the PC, then import the raw audio from the recorder onto the project you started with the USB mic. Then it's a matter of syncing them up due to the time difference in pressing the record button on 2 different machines.

That's all I got.