I posted a few days ago, but no one replied, so I figured I'd put it back up in the front.. Can anyone help me tab "Magdalene Street" by The Stone Gods? It shouldn't be too hard with atleast 2 people... I've been watching the video to try and figure it out, but I've only gotten so far.. So far I've learned that along with being capo'd on the 4th fret, it's also in drop D (so w/ capo... I guess that means Drop..F#?) and I've gotten a good jist of the chorus, and about half the verse... I just need rhythm, no lead necessary.

I've found (relative to the capo and tuning) the verse is-
Dm.. (xx0565)... (x57565, pulling off the 6 sometimes)... ???
Dm... Am... ???

And the chorus is
D... Am... C*...
G5 - D5/F# - D -***
Em.. C... Dsus4(?).. D }x3

*play as x32010 > x20010 > 550000
***play as 55xxxx > 45xxxx > 05xxxx, and it leads right to the Em (22x000)

I don't know much else... and the ??? I just can't figure out.. except I know something about the first ??? in the verse, and that is that it's highest pitches are 5 - 3 - 5 on the high E...

Help? If you need the video (which I would assume you would) just go to youtube and search Magdalene Street and it'll say Stone Gods, Magdalene Street Live Acoustic version

sorry can't help with that. nut i am tabbing burn the witch.
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