so i just got this squier Strat for christmas, its black and thats the only thing that bugs me about it. why? b/c black shows fingerprints and smudges so bad and it drives me insane.
If some kind soul could help me out and give me advice on what to clean it with, it would be so cool!
thx to anyone who helps.
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Wipe it off
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I chipped my guitar on sunday. Once you've felt that pain you can complain. Now go clean your ****ing smudges
just wipe 'em off with a cloth...

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use blood
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I chipped my guitar on sunday. Once you've felt that pain you can complain. Now go clean your ****ing smudges

The first ones always the worst I still remember when it happened to me.
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I use furniture polish and a maxi pad.. no joke...

wait.. Squier? in that case I'd use a hammer and blowtorch.. that'll get that pesky Squier off your fingerprints
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^ :P that was clever...

Yea, when I first noticed the chip on my ESP:LTD I was extremely pissed, mainly because it was my first nice guitar. I found out it was my brothers...

Proper beatings were handed out accordingly...
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Guys, this is the TS's first guitar, his/her/its pride and joy and you're openly ripping it to pieces.


These guys are fucking morons.

Finger prints can be used using a simple microfiber cloth. They're widely available, either at a guitar shop or an automotive store.

For cleaner, I use the Dunlop guitar polish. Five bucks at any guitar shop.
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just wipe them off with a cloth. if you really want, a damp cloth. there's no point in spending a bunch of time and money on cleaning kits and polishes, because you're just going to get more fingerprints on the guitar next time you play it.