Basically this isn't totally finished, but I just wanted to see what people thought of what I've been dicking around with so far. I witnessed a pretty serious mugging the other day and using that as inspiration, I've just whacked this out. I guess it deals with faith largely. Faith, hypocrisy and cowardice. Go easy guys, and yeah I'll crit your work as best as I can.

Nervously, I shuffled down that forsaken street
Approaching the scene of the murderous crime
The moment when all in my world was far from fine
A conclusion that I had not sought to meet.
I saw that blood stain on the drab grey floor
Like a decorative mural - the relic of the attack
So unprovoked in the night so cold and black
Where one man asked for mercy but instead got nothing more
Than a vacant stare from a fellow human being
Who clenched his fists and released his rage
Upon the near lifeless body of a boy half of his age.
Tell me, friend, does a life like this have any meaning?

I ran away; much faster than I ever had before
My heart pounded out of time with the feet that slapped the floor
Was he dead? - I feel more alive than ever - I’m still not really sure
All I knew for certain was that I wanted to see no more.
I shut my eyes and caught my breath as I leant against the wall
Under the scrutiny of the harsh streetlight my head had to fall
All I thought about was that poor boy and the bloody bare-fist brawl
And then I looked up as the rain came down and asked

“Is this all?”

“Is this all there is to life? Existence is so bleak.”
There was a time - it feels much longer, but in fact
It was only a week - that I believed in the unity of man
And mankind believed in me.
But now I’m faithless, leave me be
For I do not want to see.

With my back against the wall, as a last resort
I turned to you, my estranged friend, to hear my thoughts
In the hope that you could make it all go away.
In my hour of need, here is what I had to say:

“Hey man, it’s been a while…
Sorry I haven’t been in touch -
I guess I only talk to you without a smile;
I guess I really haven’t needed you much
How’ve you been all these years?
What have you done with life?
Me? Not much dude, a dead-end career,
Pints at the local - still no wife

I won’t lie - people like to talk
They say that I’m a selfish guy
I take without giving, I walk
Away from those who cry
Out for help when they need it the most,
Only to expect the world to help me.
I’m the shallowest pool - a vapid ghost,
But I want to change. Please help me…

If you saw a fight, what would you do?
Would you step in, or turn a blind eye
With the apathy of unaffected youth
And the cynicism of that Catcher in his field of Rye?
His scared, silent face - those screaming eyes
Have haunted my dreams of the day and the night
And not even looking up at the azure skies
Can prevent the saddest moments like that fight
From happening over and over again.

And yet still, like a petrified deer in intense headlights
I run to you out of heart-stopping fear my friend
And expect you to make the world right.
I am not a holy man, My Friend.
I am not serenely wise.
I raise my head up to the skies
And realise that I’m just a man,
I am flawed and I am broken.
I am second best to most.
So here I offer a belated toast
To a hypocrite and a coward.”
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I have Jaimz' utmost respect and BlackLuster wishes that there were more people like me in the world!