Hey UGers, just thought i'd post a song my bands just finished writing, see if i can get some feedback for it. Just your average metalcore song with melodic overtones etc. Comments and criticism all welcome, c4c will be given
Engines Of Pestilence.zip
Riff 1 - Not amazing but I liked it.
Riff 2 - I liked this as well, this time the different drumming style made it less repetitive.
Riff 3 - I really, really liked it, for some reason. Like, the length of one the middle note, and then the first note played was longer.
Riff 4 - I didn't like the drums. But it's probably just the MIDI making it suck.
Breakdown - I loved it. I really like breakdowns, haha.
Back to Riff 2 and 3 - I like it!

The rest, I didn't really think much of, but overall it should be brutal hopefully!
sounded a little generic but i liked it. i liked the buildup to the breakdown but didn't like how the symbol doubled speed during the second part of it and then how it went into the generic

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1 1 11 **** that i've been hearing way to much lately.