hello, i'm bored so I would just like to know the publics favorite movies.
I would like this thread to be peaceful.

Rule #1) no trash talk.
Rule # 2) stay on topic and voice your opinion on the topic.
Rule # 3) post only movies no music or anything like that.

ok so UG community what are your favorite movies post away.
I've got so many favorite movies it's ridiculous. I can never think of just two or three when someone asks me. I'll get the list in a second.

EDIT: Thar she blows:
Pan's Labyrinth, Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2, V for Vendetta, The Fifth Element, Sling Blade, Event Horizon, Cidade de Deus (City of God), Big Fish, Knocked Up, Stuck on You, Princess Mononoke, Audition, Children of Men, The Cable Guy, 1408, The Departed, Misery, Old School, Idiocracy, Shaun of the Dead, The Green Mile, Star Wars IV, V, and VI, The Illusionist, Trainspotting, Ratatouille, and Battle Royale

I'm sure there are others that I just can't remember right now.
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Oh man cloverfield was CRAZY!!!!!!!! i hope that there is another one that will explain some of it though....like an aftermath or something. But favorite movies are going to have to come down to Scarface and both Bad Boys movies.....and transformers and LOTR
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There's too many movie threads and I always forget crucial movies, so I'll just put up my profile list.

Young Frankenstein, Anchorman, Superbad, Juno, all the Monty Pythons, Airplane!, Forrest Gump, Rain Man, Patton, Dr. Strangelove, Little Miss Sunshine, GoodFellas, Borat, Rushmore, The Royal Tennenbaums, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, The Graduate, This Is Spinal Tap, 2001: A Space Whatever, What's Up Tiger Lily?, The Blues Brothers.

And also:
O Brother Where Art Thou, Bridge on the River Kwai, ...And Justice For All, Dog Day Afternoon and soooooo many that I can't remember.

I can't pick a favorite. Maybe Young Frankenstein...
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The Pit Cliff Notes:
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Who Saw Cloverfield!

it was good. the girl should have been dead when they got there to avoid the obvious hollywood love story.
I feel insulted by your need to post additional rules in threads.

Star wars IV-VI, and maybe III a little bit too
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Jackie Brown
Kill Bill vol.1 and 2
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Shoot 'em Up
Hitchhiker's Guide
I plays guitars.
yeah i've been wanting to see cloverfield can anyone tell me what it was about.
Well if you go on Google Video or YouTube. You remember the scene where the main characthers were on the ferris wheel. Well in the middle of that scene you see a huge monster that falls in the water. By the way there's also a scene where at the end of the credits it says it's alive backwards. But it would be sweet if they made a sequel it could be like Alien vrs. Predator. The only thing is that it's not Alien vrs. Predator.
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it was good. the girl should have been dead when they got there to avoid the obvious hollywood love story.

shes such a bitch. its indirectly her fault that everyone died.I hated the ending so much but I thought the rest was good.

I loved the LOTR movies. Uzumaki is awesomely creepy. Pans Labyrinth was kool. Black sheep (the new zealand one from 2007 not the chris farely one from the 80s or w/e) and Fight club were all awesome.
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v for vendetta, zeitgiest, Juno, Sicko, Coheed and Cambria Live DVD's, VH1- the drug years

im basically just lookin at my ipod, were all my fav movies are