I have made like 4 threads about buying a new amp in the last six months.... I hope this will be the last one.

I will buy a peavey valveking 212

So.... Questions:

Do I actually need an attenuator to get the tubes to work properly at bedroom volume?
If so, is the Gibson Power Stealth a good one to go for?
What is the difference between 4ohm and 16ohm attenuators (other than the 100 bucks)?

thanks in advance

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I have a VK 112 and could definitely do with a attenuator. I was thinking about a Hotplate. I think you need to match the impedance of the attenuator with your amp. i could also do with some advice on this topic...
To hit the sweet spot you will but for just tooling around low volume stuff still sounds good. All my clips were with the volume set at .5-1.0 and the texture control set to 100w's when i lower it i could get to about 3 or 4 and be at the same level but still not in the sweet spot. So with the 112 you should still be able to get a decent sound out it.
I don't have much experience with attenuators so I am just passing this along, you may want to cross check. If you use an attenuator to play at bedroom volume they tend to suck tone, a lot of treble loss and the dynamic response of the amp is altered. I just use it on class a with the preamp distortion and it sounds pretty sweet to me. Good luck.