Whats a good RATM song that i dont have to buy a magic kit for?
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bulls on parade, you dont realyy need a wah pedal it just makes it sound real
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dude Bombtrack is wicked fun and rlly easy, one of the first songs i could play strait thru, and ive never bothered to learn it but the solo doesnt sound too hard so u could probably do it

its also rlly fun on bass too
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Haha that's a hard one,

"Born of a Broken Man" doesn't seem to have any effects except a clean and then distorted guitar sound.

"Freedom" is a good one also.

"No Shelter" requires only a wah pedal for the verse part.

Hope that helps some.

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bomb track is fun and easy
alot of the stuff form the first album, born of a broken man, and the main riff to sleep now in the fire
Killing in the Name has no effects until the solo.
Bulls on Parade has Wah on every god damn note. :p
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