how do wireless systems for the guitar work? which brands r dependeable? how much are they usually?

can u plug it in like this?: amp conneceted to wire, wire connected to footswitch, then footswitch connected to wireless system?????

idk how to plug stuff in and stuff im using an amp with a footswith and when i like to "rock out" and whenever i jump around the plug always falls out. so whats why i need wireless.

Guitar:with wireless transmitter---wireless responder->effect pedals->amp
You only need a wireless system if your selling out theaters, halls, and stadiums.
the cheap ones are around 100 and are pretty pointless, they are choppy and mess up your tone. good ones are anywhere around 600$+ and take alot of time to set up.
it would run through an amp head and the pedals would run into the amp separately using a channel select, if you could spend the money.
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Obviously, some of these responses are from people who've never dealt with a wireless system, & are just parroting the crap they hear.
Fact: A decent wireless system w/ extremely minimal signal loss/noise & dual/diversity antennas will run about $350 US minimum. You will not have your tone sucked away-you can compensate for a very slight signal loss.
"Need" is not a factor. If you feel you want it, then it's OK, just like a half stack. No one needs it, but if you want it, f#@k everyone & get it if you have the money.
Ghold125 stated the correct configuration above.
There are many good brands. I have an Audio Technica system that's been trouble-free for years ($350 US). I would not spend less than this for a wireless, because then you WILL run the risk of potential problems of greater signal loss & reception issues.
Edit: Wireless systems are ridiculously easy to set up. Piece of cake.
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