What's the difference between a "whammy" pedal or bar and a "tremolo" pedal or bar? And also, how do the respective pedals compare? Can you use a whammy pedal as a replacement to a whammy/tremolo bar? (I have three guitars, but the only one that has a tremolo bar is my ****ty Squier and I'm looking to drop about $250 on the Digitech Whammy 4).
you can't use the whammy pedal as a replacement for a whammy bar.
Whammy pedal just produces really sweet effects.
It would be very hard to replicate the sound of a bar.
I plays guitars.
The whammy has the 'dive bomb' feature but a real trem bar is gonna be much better (although I dont use them)

the whammy comes with a ton of other features if you're going to use them.
Tom Morello uses a whammy bar (truly it's a vibrato arm), a whammy pedal, a wah pedal, and a kill switch. What a talented effects *****.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not