Im 16 turning 17 in june and im about 6 ft right now. I want to be at least 6'3 and i was wondering if i have a shot. I know its different for everyone but there has to be some sort of average.

Ive never really had a big growth spurt like some people i know, ive just steadily grew my whole life. Ive also been eating a **** load lately.

I need some height for basketball and lets face it, being tall is cool as fuck.
Around 18, but I've seen people grow 4 or 5 inches in college so I don't know.
poor you, being ONLY 6 foot.

im 16 and im 5'5" projected to be 5'8" (im happy with that)

whats so great about being so damn tall?

just wow

"im tall, im cool"

u may be tall as hell, but you have ALOT of growing up to do
I'm 15 and am 5 foot 11, I'm aiming for 6 foot 1
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I don't know, I'm 16 and just under 6 foot. I'm perfectly happy with my height now to be honest, and I haven't grown since the 8th Grade, so I don't know if I'll get much taller.
hahaha dude!! im about 6 ft right now too, and i also want the extra,2' or 3' for basketball and just because is so cool, Im turning 16 in a month. With me I have always been the tallest one in the class and whatever, so i havent had like a growing up madness at 12 or 13 like some other people

Also i dont want to be like HUGE tall, just, handsome tall

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dude if you keep eating loads of **** you may never grow.

heres a chart:
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i'd say around 21. b/c if alcohol stunts growth they would set the age when everyone should be done growing.

yeah.... that makes sense....

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dude if you keep eating loads of **** you may never grow.

heres a chart:

Yea that makes sense, I guess starving people are nice and healthy and tall.
I was around 6' or 6'1" when I was about 16. I'm 19 now and haven't measured myself in a while but I was about 6'3" last time I did.

I like being tall too, it's nice being able to see over a crowd.
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I grew 5-6" in about 4 months about a year ago and went up 40 pounds. I was like bamboo.
I'm 17 turning 18 in June and I'm 6 ft. and I probably won't grow anymore.