I just got a Vox Ac 30 w/ celestion blues for $1000! . The only thing wrong with it is that there are a few rips in the tolex. I was wondering if there was any way to fix this. Any suggestions would be appreciated
You could possibly try a leather repair shop. I believe high grade tolex is somewhat similar to leather. It's worth a shot at least.
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If the flaps of tolex are still there, just glue it back down with a good spray adhesive like 3M's Super 77.
you can glue it down to prevent it from peeling off,

i always put a piece of tape, duct tape or hockey tape on top of it for a temporary fix, but meh, im not too concerned with it,

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I think FJA mods retolex amps if your willing to pay for it.
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If the piece is still there, just glue it back like dazman said, or plain old super glue (loc-tite works good and you can actually use it more than once)
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