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PlayMadness, you give me hope for mankind.

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PlayMadness - Jesus 2.0

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Society's doing great. There's a rise of people like PlayMadness. I feel pretty good about the way things are going.
You dare me? I'll take a truth, actually.

(please don't ask me how she ended up dead)
Ugh. 32 deaths to get past the first level. Is that good?
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This was posted a few hours ago...
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Anyway, long hair and a foreign accent, aren't you a hit with the laydeees?

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Backstreet Boys > Beatles
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This was posted a few hours ago...

Lulz totally.

Because you weren't in the Pit a few hours ago, we have all deemed you to be incompetent, and incapable.

I laughed aloud when I first got pwned. It reminds me of that crazy Super Mario 3 mod.
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go eat a hermanpherdite.
cute game
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LPDave wins the internet!!!