i have shop class at school and i have decided to make a guitar, i want to make either something similar to a les paul sound or something like a telecaster or strat. what woods can i use and what are the differences in sound and everything else.

P.s. any other helpful tips?

p.s.s thinking about using mahongony for les paul and alder for tele/strat
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so you answered your own question.
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general rule of thumb. tap the wood and the low tones will project less, and the higher tones will project more. and its not 100% but the more dense the wood the brighter it will sound. i use moslty alder since its light weight and sounds great.
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what you mentioned would be good.
there's a list of woods and descriptions here.

Great link! Cheers! I'm also getting someone to build me a guitar, he can do anything i want, so I've been looking around on what wood i want etc...
I'm looking for a similar styled tone, like a cross between a Les Paul and a Strat. I'm most likely gonna have a 2 wood body. A Mahogany or Rosewood top, not sure what else to have.
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mahogany is very very nice. you could mix and match, you could have half the body be mahogany, and glue a piecce of alder to the top of it, by half i mean like, essentially the back be mahogany, front be alder. then get a maple veneer on it with a nice grain.
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