Should I be stressed?

I have to chose what I want to be when i am older by the end of this month.

On February 27th my high school requires that you have selected your courses for the next year. Right now I am in Grade 11 (Year 3) going into my final year and have to decide what interests me farther in the future so I can select the correct courses so I can get in to the university that I need.

Of Course I have no clue what I want to be when I'm older. What I said is that I would like to be a professional musician (But, YEAH RIGHT) so I will need something to fall back on.

People are stressing out saying you'll never go anywhere without proper planning and I just seem to not care. I just shrug it off go play some COD4 or chill in the Pit. Should I reallly care more or is this normal! This is my future.
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It's bull****, designed for kids who aren't planning to go to college. Don't worry, just do what's interesting you the most right now. You'll probably decide what to do career- wise in college.
na man, college is really were you look into what you want to do, and even there ppl change there minds countless times.

im in the same boat for course selection tho, i want to be a computer programmer (software development) but i cant take the ONLY class in my highschool that will help, AP computer sciences (y have an AP class when not offering lower levels)

i would take the class, but i dont meet the requirements, a b or higher in algebra level one

i have a b plus right now, but im in level 2

complete bull****
Yea you've got a whole month, I got a week to decide my classes. Don't worry about trying to find what you wanna do, just take what you feel like taking now. I don't know if your school has AP classes but if they do I'd recommend at least one.
don't stress about it man a lot of people don't know what they want to do. but if you really want to figure out the rest of ur life by the end of the month then go with what intersts u the most and whatever u do don't worry... something will come to u
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What I said is that I would like to be a professional musician (But, YEAH RIGHT)

There is more to being a professional muscian than being in a famous band, Ever think of being a studio musician?
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just stay calm, im in university and I don't even know what i'm going to be doing in the future, so just pick some things you are interested in and go from there. Remember, you can always switch or something. High school is not the end of the world, not even university...
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Most people go through their whole lives not knowing what they really wanna do career wise.

I think it's bull**** how schools are starting up with the "pick a career, NOW!!!" ****. Just choose whatever you find most interesting. And always remember that if you don't like whatever you go into you can always change it.
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Most people end up doing something different than what their degree is for anyway, but still it's always important to have one, no matter what it's in .
I had four years to think what career i would like to follow but, i have none and currently im going into college undeclared. So don't worry bout it dude, for me atleast, im relaxed, but still keeping it on my mind.
The best thing you can do (which is what i did - im in grade 12 now) is just pick courses that you like (preferably in multiple areas i.e. sciences, tech, math etc.) a. If you like the course, then odds are you'll like continuing your studies in that particular subject. You'll have next years courses picked out and you'll have a whole lot more time to figure out what to actually go into. And even then i'm pretty sure that when you get into college or university after the first year, you can still choose to change your program/major or whatever it is.
I'm in university now and I still have no idea what I want to do. Just go with what you're interested in, people change their minds all the time, and it isn't hard to switch your major once you're actually in school.
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Take what you want, but don't skimp on the academic classes, especially if you're going to do something technical.
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Just take it easy and for now just pick what it seems like you are interested in. No need to rush the future, live in the moment.
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