Lately I've been bringing in my guitar to work so I had something to do during my 2 hour break in between shifts. While I'm working, I usually leave my guitar in my car because there's no place for me to put it inside without it being in the way. For those of whom do not live in Florida, we've got some pretty hot weather. I've read before that drastic temperatures can damage your gear, like warping the wood in a guitar. Right now the temperature isn't that bad, but my car does heat up. When I take my guitar out of its case to play it, it's pretty warm. During summer, when the temperature hikes up to about the mid to upper 90s, will this hurt my guitar? BTW, my guitar case is black if that's anything important.
i dont think its good for the guitar--theres absolutley no way for you to take it inside??

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your case doesn't have to be air tight for the guitar to be fine. While sudden temperature changes are bad, gradual ones aren't, so if the case lets the heat slowly get to the guitar, it'll be fine for it. I know that this applies to guitars in the cold, but I've never had problems where the temperature is higher where I'm storing my guitar...
I don't know how quickly my car gets hot, but during the summer, our cars usually get close to 100...There are sometimes when I can bring my guitar inside because there's nothing going on in one of the rooms, but it's pretty random.