I am getting the MXR blowtorch, it seems like a good pedal.
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First, it's PEDAL. Second, try out some phasers. The MXR Phase 90 and MXR Phase 90 Script are both good models with slightly different tones behind them, both at right around 100 bucks.

MXR M-80 any good?
I was talking about phasers and the model you are asking about is a direct box with overdrive if I am not mistaken. I am sure it's a good pedal but it's basically the opposite of what I was talking about.
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what petals are good for bass?

i have a Boss Synth
i kinda need some distortion i was wondering what kinda stuff i should look into

Also, what whould you give the

What kind of effect are you looking to get? Distortion, fuzz, overdrive, phaser, chorus, flanger, wah, envelope filter, octaver...

Don't just get something because it's "good" or you'll waste money because you'll never use it. Get a pedal that you think will contribute to your style of playing.