fit into my boss bcb-60 pedalboard... i am thinking about buying a whammy but if it wont fit into the pedalboard then its definantly a deal breaker...

does anyone one have a digitech whammy and a boss bcb-60 pedalboard....

or at least just a digitech whammy peal and could you maybe put up its measurements LxW
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im not sure but it doesnt look like it will...

compare the whammy to the dual Boss EQ.
Those dual pedals are wide but dont go up too high.

If you need a new PB, try this place:

I got the CNB PDC-410E Pedal Case-Large-EX Wide at $40 and it is a nice setup for the price although the velcro that comes with it is cheap and should not be used...

The $30 one looks like it would work out well for you depending on how many pedals you must line up...
It's shorter than a regular wah pedal though...

I'd say it would fit, it's smaller than you think.
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