Poll: Do you urinate in soda cans?
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View poll results: Do you urinate in soda cans?
8 16%
38 78%
3 6%
Voters: 49.
i would in a bottle a can tho? ouch, too small an opening, and DAMN that could cut!
ah, no
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I don't do that, but I did make a yellow snow cone and forced it into my friends mouth.

No..no I do not. I dont think I have the ability to experience this err ineteresting activity

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no, but if you ever get the chance, fart into a soda can cause it sounds like a robot farting
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This is why there is obesity in America....people don't want to get up to go to the bathroom. Jk lol. I have never actually done that i just get up and go to the bathroom.
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i felt that if i answered this question with anything but no it would seem that i do this regularly. no, not in a soda can, but in a bottle before.