so recently ive been having hand cramps in my picking hand so i decided to raise my strap and it got worse so i lowered it, lower then i have ever had it before and now im suddenly really good, who wouldve thought , but now its a further reach for my fingers and ive decided its time to actually start using my pinky. what are some good pinky exercises i could do to make it as good as my other fingers?
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Chromatics are a great way to at least warm up. I never really did any excercises, i just tried licks where I strecthed my third finger a bit, and used my pinky in place of it
Just make sure that you use the right fingers for the stuff you play. Play your scales with the pinky, and go up the neck 1-2-3-4 using each of your fingers. I went through the same phase (not using your pinky), but have been trying really hard to get out of the habit and use my pinky more regularly now.
Chromatic scales will work well. But also, if there's a song you already know that spans across four frets somewhere, use your pinky. That always helps.

The intro to Crazy Train works well IMO.