I just boughted an Ibanez WD7, what is a good song to play using it? I have played with it, but not found any songs that i can use it with other than iron man.
Any song with wah dude. Hendrix, Metallica, Cream... The list goes on.
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Any song with wah dude. Hendrix, Metallica, Cream... The list goes on.

+1. I have one, good for just about any sone with wah-wah, but heavy metal or other hi-gain seems to work well for it.
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some RHCP songs off of stadium arcadium.
oh, and for some hendrix, i found that actually flipping the switch to the bass setting and turning the bass up, the Q down, and the volume up kind of got his sound. you might not want the bass knob up, i can't remember exactly, but i think i had it up. just put it on the bass setting and screw with the Q and low knobs to find what you like.

of course, you can also go for the crazy distortion wah sound that covers up all your mistakes by turning the Q all the way up and the low down. also, turn the little knob underneath the footpedal all the way up so that you get a full wah range.
weeping demons pwn, i have to find the one in my basment, you can change the settings according to the wah you want
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Steve Vai songs. Set the wah so that the Q is all up, the Bottom is a bit below center, and the frequency fine tuning is a bit past half way.

Some good ones:

Tender Surrender

For The Love Of God
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