So this is my first playing post on UG, and I am looking for some constructive feedback on it. It was done in one take, but is still rpetty good. It demos my playing style, which floats mostly on the blues side of blues/rock. I'll be posting some actual songs and jams soon if this works well.

Thanks, its in my profile, the only song.


P.S.and of course C4C if you like to.
The wah tone is really good, gets a little weak in comparison afterwards. You seem to have a good grasp of the SRV 'Pride and Joy' Rhythm technique.

I'd like to see a little thought into an arrangement within the jam, rather than juxtaposing various riffs next to one another, but the noodling and ideas are still pretty good. Some of the riffage is a little on the generic side (I'm sure you know which ones), but there are some good little snippets of progressions also.

Maybe try writing and recording an arranged song with even something as simple as a rhythm and a lead track with a structure of some form.

Have a listen to my stuff?
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ok thanks very much.

I know parts were a bit disjointed, and I plan to record some more full stuff in the future. Which riffs did you thing were generic (not voodoo chile lol)??


Just the chugging 12 bar stuff seemed a little like you could have taken it to new places, and the SRV influenced stuff sounded a little too much like SRV, but don't get me wrong, you're a good player. Just need to work on ideas a little more, which you've already said you plan on doing.