I have a Squier Affinity Telecaster. Somehow the input plate (where the cable plugs into) broke. Like the plastic around it. This is where the jack is bolted on to and I can't find online where to get a replacement, but I did find one for Les Pauls. Would these work as well without having to drill new holes? Thanks.
Same thing happened to me. I just bought one of the LP plates and set it so 2 opposite corners are attached. It looks cheap, (Which I like) and it works.
you know what. those are nice, but after clicking on them i realize they arent what you are looking for.

you can always pop in a recessed button jack and drill a couple of holes for a nice look.

But for the same look as you have now, you have two choices.

you can go to an authorized squier tele dealer. (guitar center)
tell them to go into the computer and order you a new squier tele jack plate.

then go back there in a couple of weeks when it comes in.


make one. use an exacto knife and the old jack as a template. trace the shape, on the bottom of a rubbermaid style, trash bin/container. cut it out, mark the holes and use that. double up the layers for strength.

or maybe dremmel a little wooden plate. or use a gibson plate and drill new holes in the guitar.

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