yup....no problem. you can prolly do it yourself.

but you might want to buy from www.warmoth.com

they have been around a while, and I have bought necks, bodys, a load of stuff from them. they are legit

......figure out what neck design you want.....there are C, D, V necks, and probably some others that Fender dishes out nowadays. Just make sure the neck it what you want.

If you dont know what is what....look at it like this.

D necks; Tele-style. Kinda fat. Not good for kids.
C-neck; MOST strats come with this neck....a little more tapered down and thinner than a D.
V-neck, acutally shaped like a V. THey are tapered on the underside of the neck down towards the bolts. Very easy to play......Like The Sig. Eric Clapton Strat.
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you hould be able too, i c no reason why not. but you might have to make some adjustments to make everythng stay in tune up and down the neck...