I have been playing for around 2 years. I am looking to gig in a few months. I play mostly classic rock (60's-80's), folk, country, and jazz. I will be playing in coffee shops to small clubs, to medium-size clubs and restaurants. The band we (my friends and I)are making has a trombone, a keyboard, lead, rythm, bass, possibly a drummer (we're looking).

I have been doing research on my own. I have narrowed it down to a final few...

The Crate and Palomino V-series (tube) look promising. Only thing is I don't want to cart around 40 or 50 lbs. everywhere. Also not too many models with footswitches.

I want something footswtchable channels. Overdrive ON/OFF.

3-band EQ, Volume, and Reverb. tube obviously, and something like 35lbs. or less.

oh yeah, and 30-50 Watts.

What other brands would you suggest?
laney lionheart
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my Laney LV (hybrid, not tube mind you) doesnt weight too much, sounds great clean and with some overdrive (and with the gain all the way up... ) and weighs something reasonable for a very reasonable price. its totally possible for one person to carry around with no problems.

google unit conversions tell me it weighs roughly 40 lbs, but thats for the 2x12 version. the 1x12 or head + some combo might be more your cup of tea.

the amp totally nails (or at least comes very close to) tube sound, but doesnt get that fabled 'feel' that everyone talks about.

oh yeah, it also has 120 (SS) watts with 3 channels.

i say check one out, as well as the Palomino.
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I would try a peavey classic 30, not sure on the weight but they would probably get the sound you're going after.
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Alright I'll try the following:

Crate/Palomino V-Series

Peavey Classic Series

I'll post back later (probably tommorow or the next day).