so im lookin at buyin a new electric and amp with the total price coming to around 500 bucks. lookin for a versitile combination as i play many different styles, from rock to blues to metal...ive been lookin at guitars on music123.com because the shop in my area is extremely overpriced and i dont get out of my town very much at all
i was wondering what would be a good guitar and amp to consider, im lookin for more of an amp suggestion but guitar suggestions would be nice too
wattage i dont care about at all i just want something that sounds decent
What gear do you have now?

Will you be gigging at all?

What bands' tones are you looking for the most?
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all i have now is a Art & Lutherie Cedar CW acoustic guitar
i will not be gigging and any tones from the beatles, led zep, clapton, testament
guitar im looking at is an LTD H-101, but taking in any other findings/suggestions
you MIGHT want a MIM strat, H-S-S that is. that should handle those pretty well
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guitar im looking at is an LTD H-101, but taking in any other findings/suggestions

Get the H-103. Its basswood, so its better than Agathis.
The ESP is a great choice, also a Ibanez RG350DXWH is a great chioce as well. The Roland Cube 30 or the Vox VT-30 are bolth super cool amps. You should be able to get either guitars and a cool amp for around $500. to $600. I know were to get great deals on all the above models, way better prices than music123 or musicians freind. send me a pm and i will get you the info!
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