Hello all. I've been trying to find a good picture of the Benson grip or other grips which could be used well with oscillation picking. I understand that Oscillation is better than Translation for picking movements, which is what I currently use. I believe that I understand how the pick and hand should be held for Oscillation, but a few good pictures would be nice. I've searched and couldn't find any pictures on here...though I didn't go through all 162 pages (I think that was the #) in the technique thread. In most of the videos of Shawn lane and many of the other amazing shredders, it's hard to see truly how they hold the pick. Thanks!
Well you could use google images , I found a few pics of Benson picking, also I found a few video of a guy using his technique with some close ups; http://instrumentalcase.com/MacedoLessons.aspx
Also when people say " *insert good guitar player* uses osscilate picking" its really only a half truth because pure 100% osscilate picking isnt possible, but you can mix it with traditional and rotational picking to a certain degree. People who do this are; Lane, MAB, Gilbert.
translation = waving bye bye like a windshield wiper
rotation = turning a doorknob
oscillation = knocking on a door

Those are the 3 degrees of freedom (and the only ones), that your hand can move
on your wrist. They're not really named very well, but that's what at least 1 person
started calling them...