hey everyone, i just came into a body and a neck for a rhoads jackson V, it has no electronics, so im gonna customize the crap out those

my question to you...

i found some kits for "do it yourself" LED inlays, but you have to take the fretboard off of the neck.

Is this safe to do? is it possible without destroying it?

thanks for advice!
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Depends. If its an X series or JS series, go for it. It is a tough job though, and you need to be careful or you can destroy the board. To sum it up, you'll need to use an iron (like you us eon clothes) to melt the glue on the board and pry the board off. It is of course a bit more involved, but thats the jist of it. My advice is if you don't know what you're doing is to have a lutheir do it.
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LED? you mean lights?

LED - light emitting diode.
So yes, he means 'lights'