Exorcise This Demon

I wake up one morn
And see the shadow of a demon’s horn
I hide in fear
Look in the mirror
And see from which source this creature was born
At myself I begin to scorn
Angry and frightful I run away
Thinking the monster is gone for good
After many days
He comes back like I feared he would
This intolerable beast
That it seems specifically on me he likes to feast
His strength over me quickly begins to rise
I can’t run
As he is growing in size
For him it must be such fun
To torture me
What does he want from me?
As I open my eyes from his gorging
I realize this wasn’t my forging
But it is me, a part I denied
As I walked through life I had thought I had let my evil die
I then realized that he is half my heart
Without him I would only be part
I must accept me as a full being
And not deny what others don’t like seeing
I’m not saying be evil, or sinister, or great
Just be yourself or you’ll become nothing more than this tortured monster’s fate.

What do you guys think? I personally really like it. Would appreciate some opinions.
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