Hey there, i play tuned cgcfad on a gib LP and plays good, but im going to buy a new guitar, and im kinda confuse about what to buy.

im looking into the ibanez MMM1 Baritone guitar, i had read about being a great guitar, but i dont know if that guitar will work on a CGCFAD Tunning...
i did my research i know baritones play b-b or A-a, but nobody says anything about C-c
so i was wondering, if anyone have experience with a baritone guitar, not just tech specs and theory about baritone, i want some one who owns one, to talk me more about baritones.

i didint want to play a 7 string, but it may be the option.
the other option is a ESP-EC 1000

But its similar to my current guitar, so thats why im looking the MMM1 Look.
and the Gargauntun tone, that it has, but im unshure about how it plays on CGCFAD.

so please anyone, please give me a word.
You can tune a baritone or any guitar to basically whatever you want. Just make sure you have an appropriate string gauge to go with your tuning and you'll be fine tuning to C. There's no law that a baritone can only tune to B or A....
yah, i knot there is not a law, about how to tune a baritone, but im thinking that a standard for baritone is drop B, or Drop A, tuning on Drop C, it may be to tight, for it, so strings will be with a stronger tension, right=? because baritones, means longer neck/ scale, better tension for downtuned tunnings, so, higher tunings, more tension,
= bad sound-?? = difficult playing = ?

its just a thought that i just have, i dont know if is true or not.
Well, that's what I was saying about the appropriate string guage. If you look at a baritone seven string (Agile Interceptor, ESP SC, etc..) Those are tuned to standard tuning + the low B. So that's basically the same as tuning a baritone six string up to E if you leave off the low B string. It's not like only the B string sounds good and then from your 6th to 1st string is going to be super high tension and sound like garbage, you just need to have a lighter string gauge to compensate. C is only a half step away from B anyways so I can see the baritone being useful. I have a 27" scale 7 string on the way, and I've played a bunch of 26.5" scale Hellraisers and the sound on the Hellraisers I like the tone of way better because you can use a thinner string guage (which sounds better IMO) and still get decent tension so it doesn't feel like your playing on floppy strings. Though some people like that whole floppy strings deal.

So in short.. since I'm rambling lol.

Yes longer neck = higher tension.

But, all you have to do is use thinner strings to offset that, and in my opinion that will sound better as well. But that's only my opinion, I've heard other people say they prefer thicker strings.. I find they sound to 'round' and they aren't as clear if your playing technical riffs.
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thanks a lot men, that makes a lot of sense!, i kinda had the idea or the information about that, but i never put that together, to make that point you just made, thanks dude.

do you know something about the mmm1, ibanez baritone guitar?