ok... when i add a bit of distortion and gain, the tapping sound is loud enough

however, when i try it clean, or with an acoustic guitar, it's basically no audible
i've heard some people tapping clean or with an acoustic (unplugged), but when i try it, it's just too quite.
i tap the string as hard as i can, but still all i hear is like a miniscule sound

is there any tip on making my tapping louder (without distorting or just cranking the volume up?)
you can kind of rub your fingers downward on the string as your pulling off, so its almost like picking it, hope i make sense...
you mean sorta like dragging the string with your finger rather than just picking the finger up?
yea distortion is essential to tapping as far as im concerned, although ou see those guys tapping on acoustics, but i have no idea.
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always tap in a certain direction (i tap down) so you're kinda plucking as well.
if you tap the frets harder and practice your pull offs and hammer ons a lot quicker and more efficiently then tapping on an acoustic would be a alot easier. especially if you have a flamenco acoustic guitar, then tapping should be much easier because the strings are usually looser and its just easier to tap on a flamenco in my opinion.