i recently got a new sound card for my computer and i am having trouble getting to work with guitar rig 2. The card is a m-audio audiophile 2496. It works, but the signal going to guitar rig is very weak. Also, none of the controls on the guitar seem to work; volume, tone, pickup selector. what is strange is turning the volume down on the guitar doesnt cut the signal going to guitar rig. I figured it was something in the wiring, but i gave the guitar a good look ever and coulnt find anything. what would likely cause this kind of problem? And also, what does a normal computer amp/recording setup consist of? Do i need a pre amp, mixer, or anything else?
bump. anyone? i really want to get this working so i can play again.
you're better off posing this in the riffs and recording form being its a recording type card but...

The 2496 is a card and interface without any on board preamps so you will need a pre amp on the input to get your guitar signal up high enough.

I run a Yamaha MG mixer into my 2496 card and it works well.
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Go to the control panel, find the one which has to do with the sound, and somewhere you should be able to find the levels for different channels (don't remember exactly where offhand). Check that line in (or microphone in or something like that) is set high.

Did you install some extra drivers which came with the card? If you did, then you might have to fix the levels in some application which installed at the same time as the drivers, you'll probably find it in the Start menu. If you didn't install any drivers, then perhaps you should have, see the CD which you probably got with the sound card.

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what does a normal computer amp/recording setup consist of?

If you are happy with the tones you get from Guitar Rig, then all you'd need is some application to record with. Audacity is a popular free one. Make sure it's set so it records only after Guitar Rig has done it's magic.