I just got my new amp today and its more than I expected. This is probably the best $160 Ive ever spent. Althought this is my first tube amp and Ive only been playing a year it sounds like love to my ears. I get some hum when I got my Bad monkey on itand the gain is up. Without the Monkey and the gain down its nice and quite. The natural OD has a nice hard rock crunch and it really sounds good on clean with my CH-1. I do plan on getting a noise gate and a TS-9. Any other pedal suggestions?
Don't get too many pedals, unless you know what you're doing. Work with what you got. Too many pedals can hurt your sound and not make it audibly tastier. I don't think you need a noisegate personally. In most cases people don't.

Personally I'm not knowledgable on the P' V8's. But in my amp, I use my ts9 as a third and 4th channel. 1st to get more gain (on the dirty channel) by boosting the signal and colouring it a bit for solo's to make it standout more. And 2nd I use it on the clean channel to get some overdrive and colouring for other situations. Those are the main 2 uses, ofcourse I don't just use it for solo's and stuff, but mainly when I'm noodling I do.

Anyway. The trick is to get the best sounds out of the least amount of gear.
As Einstein said "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler"

In this case, get the most you can out of the least stuff.

I do however highly recommend a TS-9. Or if you're lucky a TS-808 But they're myths.

Also, upon saying that about tubescreamers. Look into Maxon pedals.
They're the original makers of TS's . They made them for Ibanez.
I'm interested in getting some of their current TS based models.
You may be happier with a Maxon, but it isn't under the Ibanez brand, so whatvere.

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yeah, you should also look into an eq, for the sake of variety on thatr thing.
Yeah I really want to get a TS-9 Im not sure if I like the Bad Monkey that much. I guess I'll get a TS-9 then a MXR 10 band after that when I can afford it. I have like 4 pedals to sell on ebay then I'll probably get them used.
I like that amp with the gain on 9, the volume wide open, and the tone just a touch past noon, with a Telecaster. Mmmmm.

Play with the Bad Monkey for a while longer.

On the subject of an EQ...play with your tone knobs and pickup selector some! I find that a small Class-A tube amp is great for teaching you how to really get tone from an amp withOUT a huge chain of pedals.