Hello! I needed to know how you do vibrato while holding a bend without a whammy bar, because it would help in a few songs I want to learn(most of them are GNR songs!)
Can anyone help? Is there any special way to do it?
Hold the Heathen hammer high!
Bend it and then vibrato without pulling it back all the way to the original position.
Bend it up to pitch and wiggle your finger/ left hand.

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The only problem I have is that when I go for vibrato, my finger automatically wants to release the bend and THEN do vibrato. My key problem. I know it's sad.
Hold the Heathen hammer high!
Try to do it first, in 1/2 step bends.
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try doing it very slowly and deliberately for a while first til your hands get used to the idea of vibrato and bending at the same time. gradually build up to the kind of vibrato you want.
i learnt how to do this on guitar pro when i was playing november rain trust me guitar pro helps cause you can here what it should shound like .. and see whihc way to bend at which time... if that makes sense
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