I got into lot of blues lately and one day I was messing around and found this blues song I already heard but didn't know the name of. It goes 1, 4, 1 at a tempo around 80 then it play a fast part that sound like this " Da dada da da dada da da " I need help finding out the name of this since I would very much like to learn it.

Any replies would be deeply appreciated.
Sorry guys... I can't really describe it that well, but I'm hope the 1, 4, 1 part on the 6th string at a tempo of 80 will help you.

EDIT: It's also a Blues song, I think you guys can figure it out now even though I gave a very vague description on the fast part.
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No sorry, I don't know any of the lyrics. I would just like to know the name of it. I'm starting to think its something by B.B King but I'm not too sure.
I'm very sorry to bump a dead thread guys, but I've just hit a brick wall. I don't have any songs to play and I really need something to learn.