Agh.. no! NO no no! You play so well, and yet all of that is ruined because you can't keep time. Please please please... Don't focus on just speed, it's not what music is about. It's not what guitar is about. It makes you sloppy, and musicians will notice.

But yeah, you did the first sweeps really well, so nice work on that. Didn't really like your tone...
lol yea thats one thing i am working on is like consistency. For speed, i didn't even know that i was going that fast . I'll slow down then. The amp isn't that great. fender champion 110.
good skills, just need work on the timing as mentioned above and maybe its just me but the tone really hurts my ears.
Yeah maybe it's just the recording gear but your tone kills babies.



use it.
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^^ Yup, fix your tone...Even though a few notes sounded slurred, I don't think you need to slow down...just play to a metronome, or even better a nice backing/drum track and you should be able to bring down the house! Good stuff!
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lol yea, i shouldn't have compressed it so much with audacity then . I also think its my mic, mxl990. I was trying to use guitar pro for drums but it got alittle confusing. thx for advice