My ESP EC-400 must have came with a defective jack because its always given me problems and now sometimes the pickups dont respond unless i move the cable a little at the jack. problem is i was so excited about my guitar back when i got it, i never sent in the warrenty, now, its a year later and to late anyways, so i gotta take it in for repair or do it myself. im not really sure i want to pay their rediculus prices though after having just bought my new classical ibanez ! so could anyone help me step throught step how to do it myself? i could upload pictures of my guitar if needed. thanks!
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its not that hard or expensive to do it yourself, just some soldering. try and find a friend who knows how to solder if you dont know how to already
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There are two wires.
Trust me it's not hard. Use tape if you have too. (as a 'temporary' solution)

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