Which would you get? my previous amp (some cruddy little no name 5w practice amp) exploded and i need opinions...if you had a choice to choose between: Epi Valve Jr, Blackheart little giant half stack, Vox AD30VT or the Peavey Valveking Royal 8 which would you choose and why? (can you tell im really bad at picking out amps? )
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valve jr. i personally think this is one of the best priced amps on the market for an all tube amp. impecable tone out of this little guy. all of course matters on what you play but i only have the highest recommendations for this amp
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i'd say the Vox, but thats mostly because im a hybrid fan
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Palomino V8!!! I just got one today and its one sweet tone little amp. Only $160 at Guitar Center too.
I'd go with the Valve Junior, because it's my favorite out of those I've tried. I have not tried the Blackheart though.

My point is, tone is subjective. All those amps are great IMO(except I haven't tried the blackheart). I just prefer the VJ more.
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DON'T go with the valve king I got one and brought it home to relize that the distortion sucked and was not worth the price.

The only reason I would get this amp is for a decent acoustic amp. Where you could get a better on for cheaper
Yea ive read up on the valveking and ive decided against it now...but im gonna spice this up a bit and say you only have $300 to blow on said amp :P
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I'd go for the Vox.
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It depends, if it's strictly a practice amp I'd take the Vox, If I were playing out or recording, I'd take the VJ. I haven't tried the Blackheart yet but look forward to having a moment with it.
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What kind of music do you play? And do you want this amp for jamming/gigging, or just the bedroom?
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Well see thats the problem, i don't play just one or two kinds of music...mostly classic rock, but sometimes i like a little heavier...thats why im having a touch time finding a proper amp because all ive been hearing is that this amp can play heavy but blows at cleans and such...and its use would mainly be as a practice amp but i do jam with a couple of my buddies now and again, no gigs though im not that good
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I think for classic rock, you'd want to go with tubes. Trouble is, if you're jamming with drums, 5W is on the small side. I think you can still get the Palomino V16 from Guitar Center for under $300. Great classic rock sound, at a great price, with enough power for jamming or even small gigs. I bought one for my son. He loves it.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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