if you could hve any 3 customized guitars wot would it be?
starting off my 3 would be
Gibson custom shop les paul goldtop with emg's
Gibson flying v with emg humbuckers times 3 and trem in a black beauty finish
fender trat with fender noiseless singles and a FR/locking nut
Legend LP
Nylon Acoustic
Legend 10D Amp
Korg AX3G

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Man I think I'd have to go with the LP hands down, except I think I'd swap out those EMGS with Burstbuckers or Classic 57's......
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Fender MIM Ash Stratocaster
Digitech Whammy
Small Stone Phaser
Boss SD-1-Modded
Boss MT-2-Modded
Boss CE-5
Boss DD-3-Modded
ISP Decimator
B-52 AT-212
Eddie Van Halen replica guitar
Gibson BFG
Dimebag Darrel Cemetery Gates model
Eddie Van Halen's Kramer 5150
...but as for self customized I'm actually very happy with mine, although its not quite done yet
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EDIT: Scratch that, I would have my own custom models made! I would have a:

-Gibson Explorer in navy blue, a white pick guard, gold hardware, an OFR, and DiMarzio Breed pickups
-Ibanez S470 in flat dark grey with flat gunmetal hardware, DiMarzio Evolutions and a Cruiser middle , ZR trem
-Sam Totman Iceman with EMG 81 and 85 pu's, ZR trem
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gibson les paul custom (randy rhoads cream finish)
gibson flying v with emg's (kirk replica)
fender stratocaster w/ floyd rose, no pickguard, emg 81 in bridge, ebony fretboard, white + white headstock. yay
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Gibson Les Paul with Floyd Rose and Duncan JB/59

that's all I need, along with an ernie ball musicman JP7

I'm pretty sure we've had this thread four or five times before...

Anyway, first up would be:

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul

- Weight-relieved mahogany back.
- AAA carved flame maple top.
- Mahogany set neck.
- '59 neck profile.
- Ebony fretboard.
- 22 medium frets.
- No fret inlays or side dot markers.
- Headstock only marked with chrome brand inlay.
- Bone nut.
- Tune-o-matic and stopbar bridge.
- Set up for .10-.46 strings, medium-high action.
- White binding on neck, headstock and body.
- Matte/satin polyurethane finish on body back/sides, neck and back/sides of headstock.
- Extra thin high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer on body top/front and top/front of headstock.
- Tri-burst finish, Trans Pink/Trans Purple/Solid dark indigo.
- Top/front of headstock finished in solid dark indigo colour to match outer edge of body top/front.
- White pickguard, mounting rings, input jack mount and pickup selector mount.
- Chrome hardware, chrome 'speed' style knobs.
- Two volume, two tone controls.
- 0-25dB active mid boost switch.
- White 3-way pickup selector switch.
- Uncovered BurstBucker #2 neck pickup, wired in reverse polarity.
- Uncovered BurstBucker #3 bridge pickup.

Which would look something like this:

Then for guitars #2 and #3, I'd have the same, but with the following changes:

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul #2 changes:

This would be the 'metal' version.
- No weight-relieving.
- 60's neck profile (rather than '59 profile as above). A more preferable (but possibly impossible) alternative would be Kramer's super-Strat 25.5" neck profile, altered for 24.75" scale.
- Trans purple/solid black burst finish, polyurethane finish all over (rather than polyurethane for back and nitrocellulose for the front as above).
- Uncovered Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in the neck.
- Uncovered BurstBucker #3 in the bridge, slightly overwound even more than usual.

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul #3 changes:

This would be the 'blues' version.
- Trans purple/solid blue burst finish, nitrocellulose finish all over (rather than a mixed finish as the original).
- '58 (standard '50s) neck profile.
- Uncovered Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro in the bridge (neck pickup kept the same).

And yup, that'd be me about done.
#1: Ibanez S series following specs:

Quilted Maple top
dark purple/black stain burst finish
Neck: BKP Nailbomb
Middle: BKP Trilogy Suite
Bridge: BKP Nailbomb
Ebony fretboard with no markings

#2: probably basically the same thing on a 7 string RG as well

#3: A stock Fender American Tele in 3 color burst finish.
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ESP Custom (Horizon-style, maple neck/fretboard, mahogany body, OFR, EMG 81/SA/89, transparent black cherry/quilted top and creme binding)

Custom Ibanez (S shape, DiMarzio pickups, 24-fret neck, Edge Zero trem, not sure about a color)

PRS Custom 24-fret semi-hollow with a piezo system.
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i´m based in spain. i custom make guitars. i am currently building one like the guys from lamb of god...am i suppose to say these thing?
First and Foremost PRS Dragon

the other two would be a Strat and LP of some variation I cannot decide upon yet...
Washburn N4
Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's neck
Warmoth Strat w/ SD and fender PU's
Carvin VL212
Boss GT-10
Ibanez RG customised to be like Paul Gilbert's Ibanez Telesavalas (pre-conversion to hardtail, so as it is in Intense Rock 1)
Fender strat customised to Steve Vai's sticker strat
And of course, my Ibanez S470 with all it's future mods:
New maple fretboard'd neck with Vai style pyramid inlays, desert Yellow paintjob with DiMarzio tone zone in the bridge (black/pink) blue velvet in the middle (pink) and Evo neck in the neck (pink/black).
i think i'd have a prs like the one brad delson uses (not sure which model...), a gibson explorer '58 (the originals... so good...), and jared leto's explorer-like guitar, which is dead gorgeous...