thanks. nick wrote this one, so everything go's to him on this one.

not sure about timing. spencers a real busy dude so we probably will only be getting together once a month-ish. but we recorded about six demos just in one day, so when we get together we make lots of progress.
ello ello,

Im really likeing the decending chord progression going on in certin parts of the song...could get some great melodys over that.

their's a bit of suspect drumming going on but thats something easily sorted...

Me likey!
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Loved the intro riff. The song stuck tightly together and the drums were well balanced. Sorry for not being able to go into much detail on the tone, sounds good from where im sitting but im out of town and on some crummy speakers.(so if you sound good through them then you prob rocken anywhere else)

Only crit: Can hear a little noice in the background from the room.
very nice !
It's very catchy and it reminds a lot of Scorpions's Winds of Change and another song I can't remember the name.
I think the music gets a bit repetitive by the end, but maybe it's just me.
Also some vocals would be nice too.
Good song! Can't wait to hear some vocals on it.

I don't have anything negative to say about it.. so I'll just leave you with the compliment.

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Only crit: Can hear a little noice in the background from the room

haha, yeah since we were at spencers house (he has his drums there after all) i brought my recording setup there, so the rest of the family was watching the football game across the room.
Good arrangement, I think some vocals would bring this to the next stage. Only crit: the drums are slightly too loud and at 00:36 sound like there's a little mistake. Really good stuff anyways, good melody and not boring, which is an important point for an instrumental.
yea, at 36 it almost sounds like a disc skip? I felt like there was a little too much echo, but that's no knock on the playing. I felt swayed, and enjoyed the laid-back melancholy of the tune. I feel like the drummer at times didn't reflect that laid-back mood and got hyper. These are nitpicky but you said you wanted some crit. Enjoyed it, good stuff.

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