I'm looking for some people to jam around with in plano. I've never been in a band before, just a bedroom musician at the moment. I'm hoping that I can find some people that have similar musical tastes and we can make something or learn from each other.

I'm 16, currently a senior. I have been playing on and off for the past could years, but I got into the guitar seriously only about 8 months ago. I'd like to say I'm awesome, but that would probably be a lie. I have a MIM HSS fender strat and a Peavey Classic 30 with the 212 cab. No pedals atm, but I'm working on it. Just need to find one that fits. I have a fairly open schedule, and I would prefer people near my age. I.E. 16-20. (16 because transportation is always nice...)

Music I like: art of dying, audioslave, the bravery, breaking benjamin, chevelle, the classic crime, evans blue, the exies, foo fighters, incubus, jet, led zeppelin, mayday parade, miser, pearl jam, QotSA, Red Jumpsuit, Revelation theory, rise against, seether, taproot, the white stripes, wolfmother, zz top, 3 doors down, 10 years, 311.

Yeah, thats a lot. Couple different genres, mostly rock/alternative. Generally prefer to stay in standard/drop D tuning, so probably not so much of the chevelle, evans blue type (doesn't it suck to switch? And I don't have two guitars to switch between).

Anyway... that's it for now. Thanks for reading the post ( and hopefully not making fun of me for any previous statements). Soo... calling all plano folk!