i usually play guitar but i want to be mildly good at bass to because bass is cool, does anyone have a good idea of a bass 4 me to get under $300 australian? i play stuff like john butler trio, lots of grunge ie nirvana, pearl jam and some RATM. i never play metal and i dont really have a great ear for tone. so answers please
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brand new or second hand? u can get an ibanez for around 400 or a yamaha...but the generally are around 400 dollars for new beginner basses. getting a good second hand one is my suggestion. and the prices really depend on the store and the condition of the bass etc.
You can get a good starter bass from Epiphone or Squier for under 400 I think (probably on sale or used at that price)

Once you get better you'll -definitely- want to upgrade, but those are good for learning early
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