I thought I saw you in the core
my life is grey now its a bore
my faith wont work like it before
cocain, sub-rosa it will work

Red liquid spills out on the floor
To the door I go now its been locked
I found the key to every door
why wont you come now and lets go?

I dont know why I woke up today
while on these days i pray to God
Hope he listens to me
Before I wake up to die

I dont know why I woke up tonite
while on this street I wake up to die
All I want is you
I wake up for you
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cool, two reports in one thread. You, sir, are a superstar.



i'm a superstar
what i enterprited from the song was that its about the few reasons to get up in the morning, and how 'you' were the only reason to wake up for
i liked that part

the rhyming is a bit wonky, but apart from that, well done
better than anything i can come up with =P