Unless I am mistaken Gibson Les Pauls come with at least 2 different body shapes.

Both have that lovely arch... but which Gibbos come with the more arched / hill shape.

As far as I have seen the Goldtop re-issues and the Les Paul Classic Bulletin Gold both have the more prominent arch shape where-as the Standards (even the goldtop) has a shape that looks more like regular curve (tip cut of a circle).

Do all the Classics come with the high arch or is it just the goldtops bar the Standard?

I owned a epi les paul custom in white many years ago and that had the more arched shape?

I also owned a Gibson Les Paul Artist a few years back (the one with moog effects built in, looks a bit like a Custom) and that had the more regular arch shape?
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Seem to be having trouble inserting pictures.....

I pretty sure.

My Les Paul was different to others I've seen.
All I know if the Gibson Les Paul I owned has a different top shape to the Gibson Les Paul Goldtop (that arn't Standards)
I'm pretty sure all the carved tops are the same... but now you have me wondering.
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I have seen Les Pauls who's top seems to be more "arched" then others, but I never really thought about it.
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I'm pretty sure all the carved tops are the same... but now you have me wondering.

Quite. I never really though of anything past flat top vs carved top.
They're probably all supposed to be about the same... but I guess if you look at 1 on each end of the spectrum they look quite different?...

Maybe the curves just show up a lot more on the Goldtops.