So we have a concert coming up in 2 weeks time in my school and one of my friends and I have decided to pair up. My friend will play the guitar and I'll do the vocals. Seeing that we don't have a drummer and my friend isn't into metal, I need suggestions regarding good pop rock/soft rock songs. My friend initially suggested that we play "Let me go" by 3 doors down, then I suggested we do "Goodbye Blue Sky" by Pink Floyd. Now we've decided on Goodbye Blue Sky. But we need some more songs that we could jam to and then pick the best one out.

If we had a drummer, I'd probably have preferred to do any System of a Down song but unfortunately thats not the case. So suggestions plss...
well you can do lots of dylan stuff, another brick in the wall part 2 is fun to do on acoustic together with happiest days of our lives. you can do nirvana unplugged stuf
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time of your life by greenday
sister (accoustic) by the nixons

thats all i can think of right now :P
hallelujah, knockin on heavens door, house of the rising sun, then i would try to do fire and the flames by dragon force - good luck
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yeah, most nirvana works well on acoustic. Something in the way, with nirvana is a possibility. but yeah, as said, easy as pie if u do some nirvana.
Starlight - Muse

Pretty much everyone has heard the song now and lots of people like it.
Those r some very good suggestions. I'll check those songs out. Thx a lot