Ok so ive had some joy with recording on my computer. How ever. Im now trying to record a fast thrash riff in drop D with lots of chugging. And when i play back what ive recorded you cant tell the difference beetween the chugging and the chords. Is this just poor technique at fast speed? Or is there some secret to drop D power chord recording? (The chords down sound very clear when played slower or by themselves. Any suggestions anyone?
If you play us a recording of the riff both at slow and fast speeds, it would be easier to tell you what the problem is.
+1 on the clips idea. However I suspect it is just less than precise playing which often results when playing at faster speeds.
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Could be your tone, maybe try less distortion. If you'd played it clean i bet you would be able to tell the difference, but sometimes too much gain can make palm muting sound almost like normal picking.

P.S When you say chigging i'm taking it you mean with palm muting