I'm new to the guitar still and was looking up some Beatle songs and it shows the chords in them but am at a loss as to how to play songs with chords in them.

Do I strumming it? How often? How do I know if I'm strumming just down or up and down?

I would appreciate any help! Thank you!
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its all dependant on what particular song your playing as to what strumming pattern to play. Trial and error using the song as a backing track is probably the best way to to get the pattern

Good luck
First, you should take some time to learn all the basic chords, from A to G. Get a feel for switching your fingers from chord to chord and strumming. It should come naturally.. But if you cant get the song to sound right cause you're having trouble with the chords; just give it some time. Hope I helped you some.
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yeah i agree with the above posters, just listen to the song a couple times then play along with it a few times, this will let you get the struming pattern, timing, when to change chords etc right, eventually you'll be able to play it perfectly without even thinking about it

good luck
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when a song is tabbed out in chords, the tab is not teaching you how to play the song. there is no information on strumming patterns or rythmn, you must listen to the song or find a transcript for that.

the chords are just showing you the progression, it is then YOURS to do with what you like... If you know the song, then you should be able to get a good idea of the strumming pattern.

If you are just learning i recommend strumming the chord just once or twice and trying to play the song in the correct time, perhaps singing along. When you have got used to this, you can build up the strumming patterns.
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