Wow it's been a while since I put anything up here...Actually it's been a while since I've even gone on UG. Anyways, today I had a day off for exams, so naturally, I decided to record something new

It's one of those short instrumental things that were never meant for vox...you know, just some riffs a few melodies and a solo. Not to mention an acoustic outro...Most of this was made right on the spot, the melodies were semi-improvised and the solo was improvised in one take.

I didn't add any bass in because I was having trouble with sound quality when adding it in. Why? No idea. But it still sounds alright.

I'll try and crit your song if you want, but I have to tell you it may take a while because I haven't had that much time lately. But I will definitely try and crit yours back. Just make sure you actually deserve a crit back, e.g "Dude this rocks so hard! crit plz?" will receive a crit just as uninformative. Thanks!

It's on my profile, and it's called Altair. Just click on my username to see it.
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Interesting, the intro kinda freaked me out because wasnt ready for unexpected bamm so maybe something to give us a fair warning before it starts. Oter wise the beginning riff was pretty good. I dont think it would on a cd however it makes a nice profile.

please crit my song on my prof.
I liked the sudden intro. Te melodies are alright, a little cheesy for my liking (although cheesy usually grows on me. The solo flows really well and the acoustic outro really brings it down well.

One more thing, I quite liked the rhythm guitar. Even though it was really simplistic, it just seemed to gel with the beat.

Care to listen to mine?