anyone play any? im going to learn, starting bongos which i should be getting later on this week, and hopefully in the summer ill get a cajon. i trust everyone knows what bongos are, heres a great video featuring a cajon if you dont know what it is. any other hand percussion instruments that you play? and recommend some youtube videos.

Ug Irish Clan - Pog mo Thoin
Im quite fond of my shakey eggs and my tamborine. im not very good at them though.
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tabla is a facinating instrument. i happen to LOVE indian music so it wasn't a difficult decision when i found an advertisement for an instructor. its a very technical instrument. you don't just hit the skins. its really hard to get the right technique. also the music theory behind it is also very difficult.
but you can definitely shred. check these out



this one is funny
A lot of live Radiohead clips show one or more of the members using the shaky eggs. Idioteque and Paranoid Android are examples.
definiatly look into getting a Djembe. Man i love there tone.

Side note: I always have wanted to start an all acoustic band where all the drummer had was a Djembe with maybe something else mounted (cowbell? idk) then walk around downtown and play for people. That kinda stuff is really quite a blast