1st sorry if I miss spelt that "arpeggios" 2nd im not asking for beginner things since well i think my technique is nearly there and i can 90% do a 5string (shape of A minor) i think its that one anyway LOL

just wondered if you could give me some things to look up im not asking people do tab em out although if ya want to im not stopping you

my theroy is rather lame and i am trying to improve it aswell so be nice on the musical terms else im going to be rather lost LOL
so you're learning advanced techniques without even bothering to learn what the aplication is? You should definatly learn scale and chord shapes then building arpegios (sp?) to sweep is much easier. I also beleive there is a lesson on here for sweeps.
What i've been practicing (its just 4 strings but w/e my technique isnt great) is sweeping a 9 chord
it would look like.

then back down etc. Easy and sounds cool (to me anyway).
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apreggios are based off of chords so just learn about yr chord structures man... Do u know how to create a chord?
wow i feeel like a right ignorant ass now haha err well i dont know really my theroy extends to a grade2 level and thats it

but thanks for your help so far

i dont get is with apreggios lets use the A minor i have been using the actuall first 2 notes you play arnt what you play when strumming a A chord... thats what seems to throw me as well, another example is the G shape one again some notes you play in the apreggio arnt what are strummed....

think i need to try and get a grade5 book and start gettin my theroy on LOL
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yr hitting the major notes in the chords the other notes arnt important as there probably filler in key notes.. Do u understand how a chord is made?
Try all of the triad shapes. Try 7th chord shapes... A good one is to sweep C major or C minor shapes since the chords are arranged in order 1 3 5 Octave 3 and you can also get a 5th in on the high string.